Something more.

I see before me the new green leaves on the bush branches.  Leaves are beginning to fill in many of the trees as well. What were only branches for months and months, are blooming now.  I see not only green, but white, yellow, pink and purple flowers are popping open, new ones daily. It is like Christmas morning in the nature world.  Every morning we come to inspect what has opened overnight. What was bare, is now full.

Each green bud on a branch is a promise, a promise of something more.

We all hunger for something more.  We don’t quite know what that something more is.  It can be difficult to form into words. This desire follows us around during our days, in the silence of the night or early morning, it sneaks up, but often business hides it most of the time.  

That something more, it is you God.  You have wired us for your Kingdom, but mostly for you.  This Kingdom is a hidden one, at least right now in the reality of our present world.  At the same time, it is more real than absolutely anything else.

You said, “You see, the Kingdom of God is within you: in the book of Luke.  Your Kingdom is within us, it is within me. It is in our DNA, because you are the one who so wonderfully created us.  You created the Kingdom to go forth in our vessels, you living within us.

What is empty in me, will be filled in.  How can it not, with you living in me? It will be flourishing green and flowering one day in the future.  The same for you. He has abundance for you.

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