Consider this your permission slip…

Recently on a podcast I heard how the guest wrote down one thing each day she would give herself permission to do or not to do.  Remember how wonderful it felt back in school to have a permission slip to do something? Well, now, it is our turn to give ourselves permission slips! We can consider it caring for our thoughts and our inner dialogue.  I bully myself too often in my thoughts. I want to be my own best friend in my thoughts and here is one way I can do that.

Here are some I have written so far this year…

I have permission to not follow my own plan.  It is ok that my day does not go like I have planned.  Interruptions can sometimes be the best part of my day.

I have permission to not always be ok.  I can feel sad or mad.  I am not a horrible person if I am bad and something is not terribly wrong if I am sad.  Often, if I allow myself feel what I am feeling instead of trying to make it all better right away, I find it passes in a shorter time.

I have permission to be where I am right now.

We have permission to have no idea what or where our life is headed.  This was so liberating!  I am not expected to know everything.  God does. He knows what is ahead and will tell me when I need to know.

I have permission to not figure everything out.  I usually try to.  But, I don’t have to.

I have permission to do things in new ways or try new things.  I get into such a habit of doing things how I alway have.  

I have permission to be still and know you are God.  I really do not have to try solve everything right now.  I can be still and know God, you have it covered.

I have permission to not worry and to let things go.  What?  I don’t have worry?!!  That is the best news ever. “Do not worry about anything…” says our Father God. I also do not have to hang onto things, I can give them to God, so my burden is light. We really, really can. I have begun picturing in my mind God holding his hand out to me so I can put my worries in them. You can steal that image if you want to.

And more to come….what about you?

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