Receive this season of homeschooling…

As I lay on my couch one afternoon, a thought came to my mind in the rare moment of quiet in the house.  

Perhaps sisters, it’s about receiving your homeschool, in other words, your children, in the exact season that you are in right now.  It is not about where you want to be but where you already are. Dreaming, setting goals and having hopes have their place. I have many dreams for our homeschool, but when I am honest, I can often focus more on the dreams than the now.  It is easier because you do not have the challenges in your dreams!

It’s not about crafting the perfect homeschool year with all the best books and manipulatives.  Those are amazing, but they will not be amazing if they do not fit with your family, your very own kids, in this very season.  Allow me to elaborate.

If you have a baby, it probably is not the time to try out intensive curriculums, that you or your children do not already know how to use yet.  You will not have a lot of time to prepare for them. Instead, it’s probably more of a time to keep it as simple as you possibly can. Read books.  Let the audiobooks read while you are able to nurse the baby. Your rhythm may have to follow the baby for a time, until the baby can fit into the rhythm of your family.

In this season you might be working part-time.  No, it’s not ideal, but your family needs the extra money.  We are all facing our own not ideal situations. You get three full days of being with your kids, and you fit the majority of your homeschooling into this time.  It’s during those days that you choose to be hands on with your kids. This is when you do the hands on science experiments your son loves. You save the children’s independent work mainly for the two days you are at work.

So, really your first step is to know the season that you are in.  Focus on what you do have. We often focus too much on what we dream of having.

Instead, when we begin homeschooling, we research and gather all the information we can.  We look to other mamas on Instagram that we admire and we try to model them. We make a list of all the books we are supposed to read, and collect curriculums like kids do stuffed animals.  We think it means success.

We forget to ask ourselves, what season am I in?  What am I truly able to do? How am I wired? What do my children need right now?  What do I need right now? Ask these questions and others that come to mind, dear friend.

Then, each season reexamine your heart, mind and season.  Ask the questions again.

What if we redefine what success means for us?  We are homeschoolers after all. What if success means a peaceful home and children who will open a book anytime they have a spare moment?  Decide what success means to you and your family. It does not have to be Instagram worthy either.

You are the mother they need.  You are also the teacher they need.

We all think we are not enough.  We think, that other mama, she has it all together.  We wonder wouldn’t my child be better with her?

No, they would not.

They were given you.

Homeschool as only YOU can.  This is why I am writing this right now.  This may seem obvious. It does, when we think about it.  But, honestly, this was quite the revelation for me as I lay on my couch, and this is my third year of teaching!

Our  years most of the time don’t look like our plans. Why, don’t we actually receive the season we are in?  Perhaps, a dream you have, is meant for another season. Put it on a shelf in your mind and mark it for later.  Some plans we may use for later and some may grow new and different wings.

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