Spring is Here!

My children have been asking during every warm or sunny day whether it was spring yet.  My answer kept being no, until today.  Today, my first words to them as we got up were, “It’s Spring!”  I was rejoicing right along with them.

I am not sure if I have ever been so happy to see the first day of spring as I have been today.  I have been waiting for you spring.  This winter I have been more sick, more often, than I can remember.  It began with sinus yuck right after the new year, followed by a horrible stomach bug that we all passed around and the month ended up with what we called the flu, but honestly I am not sure what it was.  February we were recovering, still had gunk, but we were able to celebrate birthdays and Valentine’s Day fairly germ free.  I have had to remember that,  this past few weeks, we have not been sick for months straight.  Your perspective can get seriously swayed when you are suffering.  At the end of February I woke up one Saturday with a cold, went to a wedding a week later and came back with a fever and a horrible sore throat.  I will leave out the details but a week and half later I was no better and finally was told I had a sinus infection and I humbly received the antibiotics that I had fought against receiving. But by this step in the sickness journey I was ready to be well.  As I am typing, I feel much more like a person, and I have never been so grateful for modern medicine as I am now.  The pain and the unknown was hard.  The not being able to live or care for my kids and husband as I normally do was hard.  And I know many experience much more pain and suffering than I did.

Even saying the word spring breathes hope into my very being.  As the birds have begun their songs these last few weeks and as the daffodils have opened up their yellow for the world to see, hope has been rising in me.  Spring will be here.  Spring will be here.  Everything will be okay.  We will see green again.  The trees and bushes will bud once more.  We will see color where we have only seen dull.  New life is on its way.  New life is possible with me and around me.  This is what the bird songs seem to speak to us.

Oh, new life.  Oh, new possibilities.  We all need them.  We all need hope.

These birds and springtime breathes seem to all point to the truth of Jesus in our midst.  There is no hiding the flowers that bloom and boldly stretch their faces to the sun.  There is new life available through Jesus.  He is the author of life itself.  Open your mouth and ask for this life, for this hope and He will answer.

May we awake in every fiber of our being to the hope of Christ.  May we awake to the limitless possibilities that exist within Him and His Kingdom.  We open our hands to receive this new song our souls are crying out for.

Yes spring, we welcome you!  Spring is Here!  Hope is here for our weary souls.  Praise you Lord for Spring.


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