Even on a cloudy day as it is today, my spring self is ready for new.  There is something about staring at the bare branches of trees for enough days that you are more than ready to see that tiny green bud appear on the branches.  When you spot a tree or bush flowering it is like finding the greatest treasure. Oh, I see color! I see petals of yellow or pink! I saw both last week.  I cannot help myself but to write about spring again this week because it is what is stirring hope in me.   I think the bird songs are what begin to stir up our hope for new.  While it is still cold, the birds begin their songs, cheering us up that something new is around the corner.

Spring means new in my mind.  They are one and the same. It is not only in nature that I begin to witness signs of new, but I feel it within myself too.  I am ready to go outside with the freedom of no shoes, or at least sandals and without the burden of a heavy winter coat. I have more motivation within me for beginning or trying something new.  New seems more possible now than it does in the middle of winter. Perhaps, it is really the birds cheering me on that new things are indeed possible within me too. Spring almost feels like another new year, doesn’t it?  It feels like another chance to take a step towards a dream or to go after that thing that has only been a thought in the back of my mind.


There are words that keep coming back into my thoughts as I have a moment to pause.  They are, “Whoever is in Christ is a NEW CREATION, The old way of living has disappeared.  A NEW way of living has come into existence”.*


I have heard this verse before.  But, somehow, right now, this spring, I can actually receive them.  I love how we can read the same words in the Bible, but all of a sudden they are completely new to our ears, minds and imaginations.  They really are living, they are what we need right in that season.


In this spring of 2018 I guess I need to hear that NEW is possible.  That new is possible for me, even in the areas that seem stubborn to change.  This new does not feel scary, like change often does, but this new feels right, like jeans that fit just perfectly.


I am a new creation.  You are a new creation. There are no limits, the new belongs to whoever is in Christ.  If you are not in Christ, well, come right in, and say yes to this Jesus Christ who welcomes new for everyone.  Our old way of living has disappeared. Our old patterns of shame, guilt, negative self talk or whatever yuck you have agreed with in the past have disappeared my friend.  It is no longer. We are not stuck. A NEW way living has come into existence. This new way of living is one of love, forgiveness, healing, and growth. It is good.


You are a new creation.


I am a new creation.


Oh Father, may that sink in deeper than anything else.  May the old way not feel strong any longer but give us the strength to say no to that old way when it tries to come knock on our door.  It no longer belongs to us. You have overcome it! It is not our reality anymore! Yay! The new way of living, your way living, your way of love is now here and with us.  We say yes completely to this NEW way. Amen.


*From 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Spring is Here!

My children have been asking during every warm or sunny day whether it was spring yet.  My answer kept being no, until today.  Today, my first words to them as we got up were, “It’s Spring!”  I was rejoicing right along with them.

I am not sure if I have ever been so happy to see the first day of spring as I have been today.  I have been waiting for you spring.  This winter I have been more sick, more often, than I can remember.  It began with sinus yuck right after the new year, followed by a horrible stomach bug that we all passed around and the month ended up with what we called the flu, but honestly I am not sure what it was.  February we were recovering, still had gunk, but we were able to celebrate birthdays and Valentine’s Day fairly germ free.  I have had to remember that,  this past few weeks, we have not been sick for months straight.  Your perspective can get seriously swayed when you are suffering.  At the end of February I woke up one Saturday with a cold, went to a wedding a week later and came back with a fever and a horrible sore throat.  I will leave out the details but a week and half later I was no better and finally was told I had a sinus infection and I humbly received the antibiotics that I had fought against receiving. But by this step in the sickness journey I was ready to be well.  As I am typing, I feel much more like a person, and I have never been so grateful for modern medicine as I am now.  The pain and the unknown was hard.  The not being able to live or care for my kids and husband as I normally do was hard.  And I know many experience much more pain and suffering than I did.

Even saying the word spring breathes hope into my very being.  As the birds have begun their songs these last few weeks and as the daffodils have opened up their yellow for the world to see, hope has been rising in me.  Spring will be here.  Spring will be here.  Everything will be okay.  We will see green again.  The trees and bushes will bud once more.  We will see color where we have only seen dull.  New life is on its way.  New life is possible with me and around me.  This is what the bird songs seem to speak to us.

Oh, new life.  Oh, new possibilities.  We all need them.  We all need hope.

These birds and springtime breathes seem to all point to the truth of Jesus in our midst.  There is no hiding the flowers that bloom and boldly stretch their faces to the sun.  There is new life available through Jesus.  He is the author of life itself.  Open your mouth and ask for this life, for this hope and He will answer.

May we awake in every fiber of our being to the hope of Christ.  May we awake to the limitless possibilities that exist within Him and His Kingdom.  We open our hands to receive this new song our souls are crying out for.

Yes spring, we welcome you!  Spring is Here!  Hope is here for our weary souls.  Praise you Lord for Spring.